How To Start Your Side Business

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? Maybe not a job necessarily but something that you love to do and wish you could make a little money doing it to be able to afford to take it further?

For me, it’s photography. It isn’t a dream job for me, it isn’t necessarily what I envision doing for the rest of my life, but I love it. I genuinely love taking beautiful pictures of people and editing them. However, I have never had hundreds of dollars laying around to buy a fancy camera and editing software. What I do have is an iPhone XS Max, the light room app on my phone, and access to YouTube and Google.

So I just went for it. I started with pictures of my sister, then I just posted on Instagram stories to see if anyone was interested. 2 people responded, then I created a photography Instagram page and a Facebook page. Now I’m doing a few shoots a month, making enough money to buy some more editing software, and hopefully eventually buy a nice camera. But the funny thing is I have put the camera on the back burner because I am loving my little niche of iPhone photography.

By just going for it I was able to wiggle into a space of photography that I haven’t found many people doing. I am able to do something I really love and offer it to people at a way cheaper cost. Most of my packages range from $40-$80.

Rachel Hollis says “everything you need to know to start your business is available, RIGHT NOW, FOR FREE, on the internet”. So I googled, Pinterested, Instagram, and Youtubed everything I could to learn about iPhone photography and editing pictures. That’s also how I learned to do everything with my blog.

I didn’t take lessons, didn’t pay for courses, I just did what I could with what I had.

So how can you turn your hobby into a side business?

First thing, I would look at what you already have. Do you love to paint? Try painting cheap/free things you find, offer to paint walls, murals, whatever you have accessible to you.

Do you really love fashion? Go to thrift shops, get your materials from people’s old clothes. Research on pinterest for free patterns and ideas.

Party planning? Start asking people if you can help them plan their parties, offer it for free at first to get some experience. Maybe ask to see if you can work under an established party planner to get your feet wet.

Maybe it’s cooking, organizing, decorating, writing. Whatever it is, start with what you have, be willing to work for less until you have more experience, find your niche. Some of the coolest businesses come out of people just working where they are with what they have. There are etsy shops with just hand painted thrift store coffee mugs because that is what that person had readily available and people LOVED them.

Whatever it is, if you love it, if it gives you passion, makes you excited, GO. FOR. IT. Start. Today. Right now.

Your passions are a God given gift, spread your gifts with others. Don’t worry about the money, don’t get caught up in growing your business as fast as you can. Just give it all you can and just enjoy doing something you love!

Comment below what YOUR passion is!