My name is Katelyn, currently a fulltime wife, mom, and youth director.


I am going on 11 years in youth ministry in the United Methodist Church.

5 years in youth, 2 of those years as District Council of Youth Ministry (DCYM) President, 1 year as the Conference/State Council of Youth Ministry (CCYM) Vice President, 1 year as the President of CCYM

I have served on District, Conference, and Jurisdictional boards, committees, teams, etc.

3 years combined as a youth intern at two separate UMC churches

Closing in on one full year as a full time youth director this April 2018.

And loving every minute of it!


Mom to a sweet little girl, born Nov. 22, 2017. Zoe Beth is our pride and joy, she has changed my life in SO many ways. Getting to be her mom is one of the biggest adventures I will ever embark on!


I am married to my best friend, D.

I would love to call D, left brain, like Jeanne Robertson because when I watch her bits on youtube I can FULLY relate to their roles in marriage. I am a pretty traditional wife, I enjoy doing the cooking, cleaning, etc. (all while still being my own person). D and I were smitten from the day we met, were married quick, when ya know ya know! And I still think he is the best thing since sliced bread, that man is one of the most hard working, stubborn, generous, sweethearts I know. Being married young, (well me, I’m young, it was about time for him to settle down, D’s about 5 years older than me, ((kidding D, if you’re reading this)) is great. I know some people now encourage people to wait but I love that I get to share so many experiences with my husband. We are still figuring out life and adulting, but we do it together, which is challenging at times but we also have a lot of laughs.

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