Where ministry, laundry, and life meet.

Have you ever gotten caught up in what comes next and completely ignored the now?

I have this endearing (re: annoying) quality where I am constantly ready to jump into something new. My husband sometimes gets aggravated that I rearrange our house once a month, my parents saw this in me having a new “plan” or passion anytime I heard an exciting speech. I am actually constantly annoyed with myself because for someone who feeeels so many feelings about so many things, I don’t get a whole lot accomplished.

Despite having one of my dream jobs and having every opportunity to pursue further endeavors in exactly what I want to do, the minute I hear a passionate speech by someone else on, lets say for example, being a missionary in Gaza… my heart starts turning and I am suddenly wondering why I am not a full time missionary and wondering how I can convince my husband to get on a cargo ship and live as missionaries.

My mom (hey mom) is probably ready to roll her eyes so far back into her head she can see the past every time I give her a very impassioned speech about what I am going to do with my life, how I am going to blog, start a ministry for young women, become the Methodist Beth Moore, you know, simple stuff. But I someone told me something recently that really resonated with me.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. (Thank you Jordan Page from FunCheaporFree)

What does that translate to?

You don’t do anything big in one day. You take steps, some bigger than other, but steps. No one that you follow on instagram, youtube, Forbes, etc. built what they do in one day. You don’t build a blog, start a ministry, create a house you want to live in or raise a kid in one day. You do it one step at a time.

The bigger question? How do you take steps in all those directions at the same time? How do you take steps towards building a blog and a brand, actively building a ministry, raise a child, and take care of your home and husband like a Proverbs 31 woman at the same time without stumbling like you are in some awkward three-legged-race?

The answer? You don’t. It will be awkward. You will trip sometimes (Excuse the overplay of this analogy), you will take more steps in one direction than others sometimes, and you will definitely need to cover more distance in one direction than others sometimes.

Juggling all these different duties and passions at once can be difficult. And if you are like me, Enneagram type 3w2, then you will find in more difficult than others to stay on track.

I recently talked about a 3 month challenge on Instagram. Picking your lanes, your main duties/tasks, the top things you are wanting to progress in and setting attainable steps you can take in three months to avoid passing those months and arriving exactly the same and wishing you had done something different.

So what are mine? Home, Health/Fitness, Bible Study/Reading, and Mom.

Don’t worry I didn’t forget my husband in there, but trust me, clean house, happy, fed baby, and happy, fed, Bibled’up wife = happy husband. I promise, he suffers not.

What are my steps? First off, I have made no specific time stamped steps like “do this every morning” or anything like that, hasn’t worked for me in the past and no matter how passionate I feel right now I know it wont stick. Play to your strengths here.

So Home. My every day steps are..

  1. Clean up after yourself. This is for me and Dustin. We both get stressed when our house is a wreck, so we are dividing and conquering and making sure we pick up after ourselves and cleaning up after Zoe anytime she is asleep. So far, so good.
  2. Laundry. Jesus be near. This will be the straw that breaks this camels back. I struggle with laundry. Partly because I am holding onto clothes that are comfy but should not be worn anymore. Partly because we forget to change the clothes over and rewash the same clothes 4x before we put them in the dryer and then they stay in the dryer until someone gains the strength to move them to their resting place on the couch….where they will stay until Dustin bugs me to fold them, we have people come over, or they all get worn. So we are both tackling this and making it mandatory to fold and put away one load of laundry every day.


  1. Bleh. I hate to make another unrealistic fitness goal but something must be done about this 10 lb holiday weight that carried into the new year. Curse you cornbread dressing. However, I am making it a point to limit fast food to once a week. Easy enough. This is better for the finances too.
  2. MOVE YA BOOTY. I am making a serious effort to move more every day. Whether that means a walk or running around in the back yard with Zoe, an actual workout, dancing with the Fitness Marshall (check him out on Youtube), or at least just stretch or stand while I work instead of sit all day. Just an effort to move more every day. That is it. Like I said, we are taking small steps, not leaps.

Bible Study/Reading

  1. This one is simple. Read something every day. This one has been easy to stick to. Whether I finally read one of those many devotional emails I am subscribed to, reading the SheWorksHisWay devotion app (reccomend 100%), reading a bit of one of the books I am working on. Whatever. Just reading every day.
  2. Making time to study the Bible in depth a few times a week. Staying more on track with the SheRefined plan. I have kept up with this but sometimes I slack on actually digging in, so I am making an effort to get back into this practice.


  1. Make time every day, no phone, not even for pictures, to play with Zoe one-on-one. This has been so great for both of us so far. Leave my phone in another room and just play with my daughter. If you have kids, please do this. It isn’t just for them, it’s for you. Take time to notice everything, how much their hair has grown, count their teeth, remember their giggle and cheesy grins. Take it all in.

And that is it, those are my steps. I challenge you to think about something you would like to be closer to achieving, something you want to be better at, an opportunity you would like to take, anything and come up with some steps you can do every day or week for the next three months. See what you can do!

I am including some screensavers I have been using on my phone and apple watch to help remind myself every day to be focusing on these small steps. If you have Instagram, go follow me there and lets encourage each other! In three months you will be so happy you are a little further than you were before.


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