So I have followed Soul Scripts, Jordan Lee Dooley for over a year now and have just fallen in love with the way she loves Jesus and her passion for sharing Him with people, specifically women. Jordan is a vibrant, genuine woman who has no problem laying it on the table for you. She has really helped me discern who I want to be as a woman, a teacher, a wife, and even though she doesn’t have children yet (other than  her beautiful Goldendoodle) she has taught me a lot about the kind of mom I want to be to ZB too.

I kind of half-seated worked through some of the Soul Scripts Sisterhood content she had available but when she opened The She Refined Project I was so excited.It can seem intimidating at first I admit, 12 months, daily and weekly commitment, but then I had to do some soul searching and figure out why exactly I was afraid of committing to deepening my relationship with Jesus and why I was a little taken aback at committing to do that daily. The more Jordan posted about the project and I got to read blurbs of the content I got more and more excited. I set a reminder on my phone for 8AM the day that the project was open for enrollment and jumped in as soon as it became available! Immediately upon entering the site after enrollment I knew this was going to be a very, very good thing..

The She Refined Project is a 12 month program. It offers a monthly topic, weekly worksheets and challenges, daily Bible reading (MANAGEABLE Bible reading, like a couple verses), AND weekly workouts and some fun healthy recipes.

The reason I am so insanely charged up about this project is that you are refining yourself, inside and out. You are getting into the word, getting into topics like identity (month one), establishing a Bible Study routine, and taking care of your physical body God has given you with fun workouts and nutritious meals.

So I am starting this project and cannot wait to see where I am 6/21/2019 and honestly I hope she does them again year after year! Enrollment is only open for about two weeks I think so you still have time to sign up if you are reading this close to the post date. If you do go sign up let me know and lets grab coffee and keep each other accountable!

P.S.- She also gives you lots of other content other than the worksheets, reading plan, workout/health plan. She also includes a worship spotify playlist, monthly videos (really good 1 hour long videos), monthly facebook live videos, and an interactive facebook group for people who signed up around the same time as you so you can work through the months together and encourage each other!

Talk to y’all soon!


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