Low Carb Staple Groceries, Meal Plans, Budgets.

Okay so here is something I get asked a lot, what diet am I on? The sad truth is that most people now a days are on some kind of diet, weight watchers, low fat, atkins, etc. and I suppose we are no different because we eat primarily low carb/lazy keto. I wont claim to be keto because we live an 80/20 life most of the time. If I am craving cake, I dont hunt down crazy ingredients to make a keto cake. I get the real deal, satisfy the craving and move on.

So- here is what our STAPLE ingredients usually look like.




-Cashew Milk (1 carb per cup)

-Cream Cheese

-Heavy Whipping Cream (hwc for short)

-Salami and Prosciutto Mozzerella Wraps

-Cheese, lots of cheese, all different kinds

-Veggies, asparagus, squash, green beans, etc. (I buy asaparagus frozen, we eat so much of it its cheaper and easier this way)

-Apples, oranges, strawberries, blueberries

(Dustin mostly eats the apples and oranges for snacks at work)

-Shrimp (frozen, usually only 1 bag every 2 weeks)

-Chicken, lots of chicken. I get about 2 lbs every time I grocery shop (about every 10 days) and I always have some frozen for back up.

– Pork or Beef, either chops, steak, etc. I shop the sales there.

-Ground turkey, I get 2lbs every 2-3 weeks depending on what meals I plan on cooking. (we rarely get ground beef, its expensive to get the good stuff and the difference isn’t that great)

-Sour cream

-Spaghetti Squash

-Extreme Wellness High Fiber Tortillas

-Salad Mixes, lettuce, etc.

-Ranch dressing mixes (we make it homemade)



-Low carb Pizza sauce (i think i normally get the restaurant style ragu?)

-Power Crunch bars (We like the peanut butter fudge or cream flavors)

-Sugar free hazelnut creamer (powdered)

-Diet Pepsi

-Water bottles

-Boom Chicka Pop (not low carb but its my favorite and I have 0 guilt)

-Beef jerky, turkey bites, etc.

-Butter, Im not too picky, sometimes I pick up Kerrygold if I know I am going to make some bullet proof coffee (bpc) but usually I buy great value.

-Cauliflower/sweet potato rice mixed. Not the lowest in carbs but it tastes really good and Im babystepping D into low carbs haha

That’s all I can think of right now. I think this is mostly what we always have stocked, of course there are other things that come and go like snacks, treats, meats/produce on sale, but these are the staples! This also doesn’t include condiments.

So with these ingredients I KNOW I can make:

-Pizza Quesadillas

-Normal cheese Quesadillas, also using leftover meats.

-Meat/Veggie Combo meals

-Spaghetti Squash Bakes (either with pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni, OR I might just mix it with butter and cheese and chicken and bake like that!)

-Omelettes, I usually have some kind of pepper or leftover meat

-Salads, with or without meat

-Chicken tenders with a veggie or mash side. (Sometimes I marinate with buffalo or bbq sauce and we dip in homemade ranch, my mouth is watering typing this lol)

-Cauli Fried rice

-Tacos or Burritos

-BLT Wrap

-Grilled shrimp salad

So that is a lot of meals and there are others I can make too! These are pretty basic ingredients for a low carb diet plus some of our own staples. Now on to budgeting.

So we budget $400 for groceries. Yes I am aware that is high for two people, however that includes all household items as well, paper products, hygiene, bath products, etc. If it can be bought at walmart or kroger, it is included in this budget. Mostly because I cannot be bothered to figure out a huge list of line items. So in reality I feel comfortable with that number, and most months we don’t even reach that number and then it rolls into savings or some fun money.

So how do I grocery shop?

I have been using Walmart grocery pick up and Kroger click list. It is AMAZING. I plan out our meals that we want for the next week/two weeks. Then I pull up wal mart, kroger, and SAMS Club. First I look through the sale ads, see what is on sale that week. I might adjust some meals depending on what is on sale, like if pork is super cheap we might have pork a few more nights than normal instead of chicken. Then I move onto staples, adding whatever we are out of to my cart. I search for each item and then I can see where I can get it cheapest, I compare unit price, etc. and by now I know where I get most things so unless there is a sale I can pretty much skip this step for the staples.

I usually pick up groceries on either mondays or wednesdays. I buy enough groceries for the next week or so, plus restocking staples. I end up grocery shopping about 4-5 times a month only because I am really trying to never have food go to waste. After a couple months I plan on pulling up my order history and see about how much I need for two weeks of each item and then only have to go pick up groceries 2-3 times a month instead!

That is about it for the basics! I hope this helps some of you, if you have any suggestions or questions please don’t hesitate to comment! If anyone would be interested in another post a little more detailed on my process of meal planning, planning my pickups, etc. just let me know!



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