Hey, can you fix this?

Tonight I was sitting here thinking, as I usually do when I’m supposed to be sleeping. Looking at Pinterest and Instagram on my dear iPhone, my source of entertainment. Trying to be lulled to sleep by the sound of my husbands deep breathing and twitching of his body. (Doesn’t it sound dreamy?)

I got caught up in this image. Of me bringing my phone, that I love so much, to a bike shop, and asking them to address the issues I have with my phone. “Excuse me, Mr. Bicycle Man, my phone is so slow, can you make it faster?”

I’m sure he would laugh. “No, I don’t tix phones, I fix bikes! Bring that to a phone store”


If you want a bike fixed. You bring it to a bike man.

If you want a phone fixed. You bring it to a phone man.

If you want a heart fixed. You bring it to a Jesus man.

Ha! See what I did there? Sometimes the cheesiest analogies are what make things so clear to me.

Why, on earth, do we bring our hearts to random people expecting them to know what’s wrong with them, how to address the problem, or to fix it for us?!

It’s like bringing my iPhone to the bike shopping and expecting him to be able to fix it. He didn’t make it, he doesn’t know what to do with it.

So if God made us and He formed our hearts….why don’t we immediately seek Him out?

Stay with me here- I’m not done yet. I promise I’m not being hoaky here, I’m being serious.

I’m a woman that likes to use her resources, so why don’t we bring our hearts back to God when we know He knows how to fix them?

Well, I have a laptop. I abuse my laptop. I download sketchy software, I go down the wormholes of never ending clicking, and I always press “ignore” and “allow” when my firewall comes up…..why? ‘Cause I just wanna see.

Then. When my laptop, inevitably, ends up broken or so slow and run down from all the viruses I have exposed it to. I have to bring it to my laptop guy who ends up looking at me with this disapproving face like “I JUST fixed this for you. I told you how to take care of it; I set you up with the software to protect it, and you still broke it.”

Do ya think maybe that’s how we think God sees it? “Like really guys? I gave you these hearts, these functioning hearts, I told you how to protect them, heck, I even told you I’m gonna live in it, and you STILL let all this JUNK in here and let it get broken. Why don’t you protect it? Don’t you care about it?”

I can’t speak for God. Although I would really understand if he gets a little exasperated with me…. he probably looks at me sometimes like my computer guy when I tell him I got peanut butter stuck under my keys… like don’t you value this at ALL??

I’m sure God wishes we were more careful with our hearts. Not for His sake, but because when you love someone, you don’t want to see them hurting. God cared enough about us to give us all the tools we need to protect our heart and keep it in prime condition. I think He just wants to see us use them.

So the next time you’re feeling a little broken. Make sure you bring it back to the Maker. I’m not being cheesy, I’m being realistic. Unfortunately we didn’t exactly get a step by step user manual but we did get a direct line to some support 24/7. So if you’re broken and you’ve let your heart get a little worn down, let Him restore it. I promise you God does awesome things when you invite Him in to do a little maintenance.

What does that maintenance look like?

  • Getting rid of the crap.
  • Adding in the good stuff, start with some prayer and time in the word, I’ll put some good verses to start with down below if you’re needing a little boost.
  • Start building up some protection. Dig into the word a little deeper, arm yourself up with some firewall. Ask God to help protect you from things that are not meant for you.

That’s just a start. It’s a never ending road. I think we all at least once wander into God’s repair shop with our heart in seemingly unrepairable condition with wide, hopeful eyes like “can you fix it?”

And of course, He can.

With Love,


Psalm 27:1

Psalm 119:76

Psalm 116:1-2

Psalm 30:5

(Ok just read the whole book if Psalms, lots of good stuff in there)

Matthew 11:28

Jeremiah 17:14

Isaiah 41:10

John 14:27

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