This is what my voice looks like?


You know the weirdest part about starting a blog? Not the theme, or the pictures, or the colors. The font. I feel like picking a font is like picking my voice. What would my voice look like? Arial Black? That’s pretty bold. I don’t feel that bold. Comic sans? Nah. Courier New seems a little too journalistic, I don’t have anything that important to say. So this is what I picked. Here is what my voice looks like on paper. Does it look like me?

So what do I have to say? A lot.

Too much actually. But at least here you can click exit and I can’t talk your ears off, so, no complaining. Capiche?

So, here we go.       Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Who am I?

I’m Kate, 22 year old mom, wife, and youth director. I’m born and raised in South Louisiana, pretty “scrunchy” as far as lifestyle goes. Meaning I watch YouTube videos on how to eat healthy, use essential oils, and strive for a organic life while eating my Big Mac some days.

I have almost always been really involved in the Methodist church, there’s something really comforting about it. I love that they invite everyone, exactly as they are, no matter who they are or who they have been. I like that the Methodist church has been a door that has always helped lead me back to Christ, no matter where I was in my walk.

I’m not particularly talented in any one field. However as far as passions go, I love being a wife and mom. I feel very fulfilled in cleaning my house, cooking dinners, and taking care of my husband and daughter. It’s a calling I didn’t even know I had until I had them.

I’ve also always been extremely passionate about youth ministry. I was in the same youth group for 7 years, participated in district and conference youth ministries. I was president of our district youth ministry for 2 years and president for the conference youth ministry for 1 year. And then I interned at 2 separate churches before finding my greatest blessing, my current position as Director of Youth Ministries at a smaller church with a congregation with the biggest hearts.

Other fun facts that are crucial to knowing me as a person.

1. I think peanut butter should be it’s own food group.

2. I am an extroverted introvert.

3. I don’t care what people think of me, but I care very deeply about how I make them feel and how they make me feel.

4. When I was in 7th grade I decided I wanted to be an ordained elder of the UMC. I’m not sure that’s still where I’m headed, but it very heavily shaped who I am today. Whether or not I make it there, the thought that I could be a pastor and that others wanted me to be, very deeply impacted me.

5. I love to learn and change and grow. I love challenges. I love being challenged.

That about sums up the basics I suppose. Excited to start this journey.


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